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It is always fun and a challenge to shoot photographs of children! Just when you want them to be all smiles they are cranky and some hate having their picture taken. Most however are very cooperative and pose like little models. Sometimes it is just better to do candid shots when they are not looking. It is very important not to presure them too much. Every parent wants their child to behave the day of a photo shoot and that is always the day they choose not to. It is really best to not try to force their smiles. Just let the photographer handle it and you will usually find success!










Having fun at the beach!


Kids are great! Even when they are fussy and unmanageable their pictures alway come out cute! It took a lollipop (tricks of the trade) to finally get a smile from the little cutie on the left. To see an enlargement just click on the photo. The angel on the right is definitely a potential model.


I call this montage Babyface!
















Click to see enlargement!



Believe it or not she is only 12 in this pciture!

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